EMT Test Questions
Truly free EMT practice test questions.


EMT Multiple choice questions can be a terrific resource for learning if used properly. There are many ways to use the free EMT-B practice test questions found on EMT Questions.com. But before you dive in, it’s best to think about how you want to use the information on this site. Multiple choice questions present a golden opportunity to focus your study, not just to get the right answer, but to understand the subject in question. Here are a few ways to use our site.

If your goal is simply to test your knowledge, then by all means blast through the questions and get your final score. Use the results to help guide you to areas of study where your understanding is weakest. We feel that this technique is for individuals who already have a firm grasp of a subject and are just trying to bolster their confidence, assess what they know or get in a few more random facts before a test. In truth, though, this method lends itself to being used a few times before all the answers are memorized. When you’ve memorized the answers, the resource for study is gone. If you’re trying to learn the material, however, there are several ways to get the most out of these questions.

1. Treat each question as if the multiple choices aren’t available to you. Read your text book. Look online. If you try to answer the question before you look at the choices, chances are when you do see the answer it will stick in your mind better than if you just went straight to it right away. Furthermore, in doing all the research you needed in order to answer one question, there’s a good chance you will have stumbled over some other good information that will broaden your knowledge.

2. When you do look at the choices, try to understand all the terms in each of them. Sometimes the wrong answers are peppered with terms that are equally valuable to know as those contained in the right answer.

3. Once again, take the quizzes slowly. Don’t just rush through them just to get the right answer, or take the quiz over and over until you get the answers right. This will not help you when it comes time to take a test. In fact it may lull you into a false sense of security. These quizzes are only a fraction of what there is to know about being an EMT, so passing them by rote memorization means that you’ve studied to pass the quizzes on this site, not to pass the test given by an instructor or the NREMT.

Good luck in your endeavours.